Purposes and Usage of the Whizzinator


A whizzinator can also be used as a strap on the male genitals which is used for sexual intercourse between partners. It is mostly used as an adult sex toy by those people who are worried of the unhygienic nature of an actual male genital. It comes in different colors which are white, tan, latino, black and brown.

A whizzinator is a product used to deceptively beat the drug test. It is mostly used by athletes as a way to lie about any forbidden substances in the blood. It usually comes as a kit complete with dried synthetic urine, a syringe, a heater that keeps the urine at body temperature and a manipulation of a male genitals. There is also a female version of a female Whizzinator Touch known as number one. There have been several cases of this product usage mostly to pass drug test.

The kit contains synthetic or artificial urine. Synthetic urine is a replication of human urine made in laboratories mostly in the United States. The urine is usually mixed with water before usage mostly distilled water. The kit also contains a reservoir bag which holds the liquid for up to 150ml. The device has a on and off valve that allows the passage of urine which must be turned off during movements to avoid leakages from the reservoir.

The whizzinator kit comes with a manual which gives a step by step instructions. Here are the steps for its usage; first all the four products must be used together so you will take the Female Whizzinator, synthetic urine which is mostly in a capsule, heater and the syringe. Detach the reservoir bag from the artificial male genitals which is usually attached behind it. Using the syringe pour distilled water in a separate bag and mix it with the synthetic urine. Shake to mix the synthetic urine and the distilled water.

Then use the syringe to fill the whizzinator up to 130ml to avoid leakages, the mixture should be at 90 degrees to avoid increase in temperature ones put in the reservoir bag. Ones put in the reservoir bag use the heater to keep the sample at the urine temperature. The heater is attached at the back of a reservoir bag of the whizzinator. The heat pad can only keep the whizzinator sample for up to 8 hours. The whizzinator has received several media coverage due to legal cases but it continues to be used all around the world.


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